Friday, January 2, 2009

Why is this called Freebie Trading?

Be sure to read our Welcome Message and What Exactly is Freebie Trading messages before reading this, so you understand what we are talking about.

I get this question, alot, too. I sign up and do offers, so how could this be called a freebie business? The prizes you receive are the freebies. To get started, in any business, you need to spend a little money to get started. We help you to offset that start up money by paying you to get started. Once you have completed a site and are green and stay green, then you can start referring others to your site. The prize you choose are actually free, once your referrals have completed your site. You do not pay anything for your prizes, they are all completely free!

All of the sites that I start everyone with are forever green sites. That means that once you get the required number of referrals for the prize you chose, you cash out. Then you start all over again and you can cash out as many times as you would like.

OK, I get that, so I still don't understand about the trading part. Well on all the forums that we work on there are 2 separate areas. One is a referral for referral section and one is a paying for referral section. The referral for referral (or green for green) is set up so that you are trading greens. For example - I see a site in that section that I have not completed yet, I ask them if they can do one of my sites for their site. You green on their site and they green on your site. That is called a trade. Once your trade partner has greened on your site, you can cash out for the prize you have chosen.

The other section, paying for referrals is where people pay you to complete their sites, like I am doing will all of you. This is also called a trade, because you are greening on my site and I pay you for helping me. Most forums have a Trade Manager where all of your trades go. Once you have both completed the requirements, you leave feedback for one another and that is called a iTrader Rating (TR). That TR is important because others will read it and see if they want to work with you or not. It is similar to ebay's feedback system. In ebay, you want to know if the person is reliable before you buy their product, it works very similar in the trading business.

If you want more information on how to get started, please visit our blog post found here.

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