Monday, December 29, 2008

What exactly is freebie trading?

Great question and I get this alot. Does it mean you trade for freebies or do you get things for free, what is it?

Well, to sum it up you are trading freebie sites with one another. What does that mean?

When you start out, you will be given some freebie sites and you will be completing the site to go Green!

Wooha - hold on! What are freebie sites and what does going green mean?

A freebie site is a website that gives away cash and prizes. For an example - visit my website - Prize Oasis. You see several options about Paypal. That is what you receive when you get referrals to the site. But you first have to go GREEN (you must complete the requirements to go green) before you can start getting referrals.

Click on the View Offers Tab on that page at Prize Oasis - you see all sorts of offers. This particular site requires you to complete 1 offer to go green! I will actually pay you $12.50 to complete this site, but you must have a verified Paypal account in order for me to pay you.

We set up all our transactions at Calistyle101. Here we can leave feedback for each other, similar to ebay's feedback system.

I start everyone off with an easy site like Prize Oasis. From there, you move on to other sites, which require you to complete more than 1 offer to go green.

OK - sounds good, but how do I get started?

Go to Calistyle101 and sign up for a free account. Then send me a Private Message and I will get our first site set up in the Trade Manager and show you how to set up your browser so that the offers go through.

See you at Calistyle101 :-)

Welcome to Earn Prizes for Free Blog

I just wanted to take a quick moment and give you a brief introduction about this blog and about myself.

I am a single mom who has been working various businesses online for close to 20 years now. Over the years, a lot has changed. Many businesses have come and gone leaving me repeatedly trying to find new ways to make money and support myself and my son.

Back in January 2008, my friend introduced me to a business called Freebie Trading. OK, I love freebies and have traded tangible products in the past, so I said OK - let me try it. At first I was extremely skeptical and thought no way can this work. She was paying ME to get started. In my first few days, I made a couple hundred dollars. It was so cool! I soon ventured off on my own within this business and average any where between $700 - $1500 a month part time. No kidding you!

This is the best business I have ever found and not only do I enjoy the money, but I have made so many new friends and of course we all have the same thing in common. Earning free gifts and making money!

So, with that being said, I am going to show you how you, too, can start making money and earning free gifts in this exciting business!