Monday, January 19, 2009

Notice about PWW Offers

Please read the beginning of my blog to understand this post - What Exactly is Freebie Trading

PWW is a company called Pacific Webworks.

The following offers will call to verify your order and information: Eauction Tutor, Quickbooks, SEO Supervisor (Google), Eauction Expert, Increase My Margin, Yahoo Search Success, Amazon Profits, Forex GTG, Pacific Webworks Business Tools, and Esuccess2u . This advertiser calls users on the phone to verify their signing up for the offer. They do this in an effort to prevent fraudulent registrations. If you tell the advertiser you did not order, if you cancel the order, or tell them you are only completing the offer for credit (not genuinely interested to try it) - it will be revoked. If the advertiser calls and an automated voice mail answers and they are not able to reach you - it will be revoked. If you provide false information or a false email address, the credits will be revoked and in this case, your account will be placed on hold permanently.

** There may be other offers involved in this. When reading the terms of the offer, look for the company name. Also, while I am on this subject, you are only allowed to do one of their offers no matter how many sites you see them on. **

Huge thanks to Marcobucks for letting us know about this.

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